New Students: Please register your child at the Marinette School District website by clicking here
Existing Students click here to confirm your enrollment.
4k & 5K students are given bus tags.  ONLY students who have a tag will be transported.  If your tag is damaged or missing contact us immediately and a replacement will be provided.  No tag, no ride.

Transportation is scheduled to and from one address.  AM & PM addresses do not need to be the same but must be consistent daily. 

Any transportation to an address other than the students primary residence will require pre-approval and a completed permission form filed at Westlund Bus Lines before transportaion begins. This form is available at our office located at 1615 Badger Parkway. 

Please inform us if your contact and or emergency phone numbers change. 

Please make every effort to be at the bus stop early for 4K & 5K students at the end of the day to greet your student. 
If your student has previously attended the Marinette School district and has ridden the bus before, your busing will remain largely unchanged unless your child has moved on to a different building or is transistioning from 4K to 5K. 

If your student is new or attends Sunrise Early Learning Center you will need to contact us before transportation will be provided. 

4K open house is Wednesday August 23rd at Sunrise Early Learning Center from 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm

5K open house is Thursday August 24th at Sunrise Early Learning Center from 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm.

Please plan on speaking with us at the appropriate open house.

Grades 1-12 please call 715-732-0238 and speak with Dan.