1615 Badger Parkway / P.O. Box 691  Marinette, WI 54143                              715-735-9787
Marinette City Shared Ride Taxi
City, State and Federal Funded

Adults & Childen $4.00 / Elderly over 60 and Disabled $3.00

The way it works:

          Call our dispatch at 735-9787 to order a cab.  You will need to provide the address of your location and the address of the location you wish to be dropped off.  The dispatcher will let you know if there are any special circumstances that apply to your ride and will provide you with an estimate of when the cab should arrive for you. 

Be ready for your cab.  Delays are often caused because passengers become impatient and are not watching or ready for the cab to arrive.  Remember that our service is an on call shared ride service,  your ride will be as efficient as we can provide but may not be a direct route to your destination.  Please allow extra time for your ride especially if traveling to a scheduled appointment.

Rates are low and affordable as it is a subsidized program by the city of Marinette and the State of Wisconsin. Therefore, either the origin or destination must be a Marinette location at least once a day.

Response time is 30 minutes: This means that if you request a cab for 9:30am, it will arrive between 9:30am and 10:00am to pick you up. This is a reasonable time for adjustments due to traffic, passenger and weather delays.

Wheelchair access is available during regular business hours and is on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchair calls are scheduled at 30 minute intervals.


Monday - Friday (6am-7pm)
Saturday (9am-7pm)
Sunday (8am-7pm)
Rides are scheduled by calling (715) 735-9787