Tom Westlund purchased what is now Westlund Bus Lines, Inc. from Barney Sequin in 1977.  When he  purchased the business it was a school bus company only.  Motorcoaches were added a short while later.
1615 Badger Parkway / P.O. Box 691  Marinette, WI 54143                              715-732-0238
The first bus purchased was the MC-8.  It was the first and only bus that did not have the signature triple blue exterior paint job. 
Fleet number 002 arrived with the new paint scheme and faithfully served in our fleet well into the 1990's.  This MC-9 was a workhorse and one smooth ride on the road.
The stainless steel sided coaches were with us until 2000.  005-006-007 were our first 45 foot length coaches.
The MCI Renaissance replaced our entire fleet in 2000. Ushering in a new era of "modern" coaches.
In 2006 the for the first time the Fleet became 100% Prevost with all new H3-45 luxury coaches.  Unit 013 also provides us with accessibility for wheel chairs.  These exceptional coaches are serving us very well.
003 and 004 were our first 102A3 model coaches.  These were outstanding coaches and were the last of our "short buses" at 40 feet. They were also the last standard shift buses Westlund had.